Sanitation liquid concentrate for camping toilets Ensan Green 1 litre

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Sanitation liquid concentrate for camping toilets Ensan Green 1 litre
Code: ensan_green
Type Bottom liquid
Volume 1 l
Quantity 1 pc.
Guarantee 2 years
The environmentally-friendly chemical for the lower wastewater tank.
High quality sanitation concentrate for your camping toilet’s wastewater tank.
Quantity: 1 litre

100 ml of concentrate per 19 litres of wastewater (volume of the wastewater tank in our camping toilet),should be used to break down faecal matter.
- The environmentally-friendly sanitation liquid Ensan Green for chemical toilets helps to break down faecal material and camping toilet paper in the wastewater tank
- Keeps the faecal tank hygienically clean and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odours.
- Contains germicidal ingredients
- Reduces the build up of gas in the wastewater tank
- Has a fresh, pleasant scent

Product Description

ORGANIC chemicals help to protect the environment. Ensan Green is formaldehyde-free and stimulates biological activity in the wastewater tank. Natural microorganisms break down the contents of the wastewater tank in a completely biological manner, allowing it to then be disposed of into the sewerage system without the need for additional dilution. These microorganisms also prevent the build-up of gas and odours in the camping toilet. Ensan Green has a fresh citrus scent.

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