About us


You can’t buy any spare or bonus second of your life. But we can help you to save enough time to enjoy it.

We are Morex online shop, and we provide one-click buying. After ordering, you are going to get your item much sooner than you could expect.

No one can trade in time. Long ago we learned to treat every second of a client’s time as our own.


Get Your Goods Immediately


To paraphrase Ilf and Petrov: “Money in the morning - chairs also in the morning”. As soon as you make an order at Morex you can head off to get your goods or book a delivery. Tradable goods are always available and accessible immediately – as if you were in an ordinary shop, not online one. 


Minimum Prices


Morex is working directly with many manufacturers. That is why you will only pay the exact price of goods and save money on lack of mediators. It frequently happens that our prices are the lowest in Latvia.

We had to work hard in order to build up such a scheme, but these 14 years were fruitful.

Pay minimum – take maximum.


Quality Is Guaranteed


Morex has been operating for a long time and studied its suppliers as well as you have studied your children. That is why the shop grants an official guarantee for each item.

We also guarantee that the price of the goods you ordered will remain the same for you in any case.

Reputation is invaluable, and we know it.




Many of the things you can see on our display are available at this price only at our shop. For example, Morex is an exclusive representative in Baltic countries of DSK “Pioner” from Nizhny Novgorod, the manufacturer of wall bars for children. And this is just one of many examples of Morex’s unique offers.

There are certainly some dealers, but do you have extra money?


Clients Enjoy Our Service


Morex has more than 100 000 clients. And even when there are 2 million, our staff will find enough time for each one of them.

Would you like to know more about the product? No problem!

Came to us to see some other goods? Always welcome!

We deliver the goods the way a customer prefers – either to a post automat or to your door.


Bonuses? Of course!


If you buy goods under trademark RESTPRO you get 5 EUR coupon for other goods under this trademark.

We regularly have discount promotions, although the prices are already very attractive.

If you cherish your time and money, make a one-click order at Morex or give us a call – we also accept orders by phone.


Good luck and success in everything!