Fold-In-Half Table 183x76cm + 2 Folding Bench

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Fold-In-Half Table 183x76cm + 2 Folding Bench

Size 183x76 cm
Height 74 cm
Weight 25.7 kg

Fold-In-Half Table 183x76cm​
Are you planning a weekend with your friends out of town or looking for multifunctional furniture for your home or summer cottage? Do you organize presentations, sell your products or think of buying mobile equipment for your small factory? This fold-in-half plastic table is an ideal solution for your summerhouse, picnics or hiking, trade fairs, as well as all sorts of outbound conferences and other events. The table is very light and easy to transport - you can fold it and carry by the handle, so it is possible to take it with you when you travel both on foot and by car.
This model is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. The table can be used in any temperature and weather conditions, as the frame is made of stainless metal. Rubber pads on the legs of the table prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces. In addition, the table has a lock that prevents its unwanted folding, so you can be sure of its stability.
Order this compact easy-to-clean table at a special price - this is exactly what you need for all occasions!

Weight: 12.7 kg.
Folding Bench 183x30cm​
If you organize an event in the open air, arrange a summer cafe, expect a lot of guests at your presentation or like picnics and parties in your backyard, this folding bench is exactly what you need! The bench will comfortably accommodate 3-4 people. Rubber pads on its legs ensure its stability on all surfaces and avoid scratching the floor if placed inside. This bench is easy to transport because its weight is only 6.5 kg – you can fold it in the form of a suitcase and carry it by the handle!
The stainless bench frame and easily washable plastic seat allows you to use the bench in any weather and temperature conditions. A special lock prevents its unexpected folding - you can safely sit down on it in any circumstances!
Order this convenient and durable folding bench and create the most comfortable conditions for yourself and your partners, clients or friends!

Weight: 6.5 kg.

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