Fold-In-Half Table 244x76cm + 8 Folding Chair

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Fold-In-Half Table 244x76cm + 8 Folding Chair

Size 244x76 cm
Height 74 cm
Weight 50 kg

Fold-in-Half Table 244x76cm
Are you planning a weekend with your friends out of town or looking for multifunctional furniture for your home or summer cottage? Do you organize presentations, sell your products or think of buying mobile equipment for your small factory? This fold-in-half plastic table is an ideal solution for your summerhouse, picnics or hiking, trade fairs, as well as all sorts of outbound conferences and other events. The table is very light and easy to transport - you can fold it and carry by the handle, so it is possible to take it with you when you travel both on foot and by car.
This model is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. The table can be used in any temperature and weather conditions, as the frame is made of stainless metal. Rubber pads on the legs of the table prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces. In addition, the table has a lock that prevents its unwanted folding, so you can be sure of its stability.
Order this compact easy-to-clean table at a special price - this is exactly what you need for all occasions!

Weight: 18 kg.
Folding Chair​
Try to sit on this folding plastic chair, and in a moment you will feel that you do not want to stand up! This durable camp chair can even accommodate two or three people, because, due to the strong metal frame, its maximum load is 170 kg!
The chair has a plastic back and seat, resistant to ultraviolet, which allows its safe use outside. The design of the plastic elements is hollow - that is why the chair is very light and easy to handle! In its back, there is a special hole which serves as a handle. This feature makes it easy to move the chair when necessary. The metal folding mechanism makes the chair compact in storage, and its legs have special protectors for extra stability and safety.
This comfortable chair is a perfect solution for banquet halls and conference rooms, summer cafes and catering services. Furthermore, it is ideal for home use, for example, at your country house. Due to its resistance to any weather conditions, the chair can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Purchase this useful lightweight camp chair and discover a new comfort level that folding furniture may bring!

Weight: 4 kg.

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