Trampoline 244 cm with safety net and ladder 8ft (2.44 m)

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Trampoline 244 cm with safety net and ladder 8ft (2.44 m)

Type Trampoline
Ladder Yes
Net Yes
Diameter 244 cm
Height 65 cm
Weight 37 kg

Do you like to spend your free time outdoors with your family? We suggest that you make your family vacation as cheerful and exciting as possible - all you need is to buy a trampoline!
Did you know that jumping on a trampoline is not only true joy, but also is beneficial for your health? During jumping, almost 100% of the body muscles are involved, as well as the visual and nervous systems. Such pastime perfectly suits both children and adults - this is a universal fitness device that everyone will like. Trampoline activities develop coordination, orientation in space, vestibular apparatus and reaction. For a child, this is a necessary physical exercise he or she gets when playing outside, whereas for you it is a great way to distract your kid from a computer or phone. The trampoline is equipped with a protective net, therefore your safety during jumping is guaranteed. A reliable steel construction ensures the durability of this equipment.
Your loved ones will be delighted - you will see smiles on their faces as soon as they see the trampoline in the backyard of your house or summer residence! Have fun together with the younger members of your family and please your inner child by jumping on the trampoline!
How to set up a trampoline you can watch in our video!
Trampoline 244 cm + ladder + safety net
  • Diameter: 244 cm
  • Height: 65 cm
  • Height of the net: 150 cm
  • Maximal user weight: 100 kg
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Springs: 48
  • Size of the springs: 38x1,25 mm
  • Frame: galvanized steel
  • Springs: galvanized steel
  • Safety net: Polyester
  • Springboard: polypropylene fabric

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