Body Pump Bar Set 20 kg

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Body Pump Bar Set 20 kg

Type Set
Weight 20 kg
Length 150 cm

A beautiful, slim body is something that many people are striving for nowadays, because it is always pleasant to notice admiring glances and be in good shape. Do you dream of losing some kilos as soon as possible and work out the muscles of the whole body? In this case, you need to try out Body Pump - a fashionable and very effective fitness type. Intensive exercises with the barbell will let you achieve outstanding results in working on your shape. You will not only train your muscles, but also lose weight really quickly!

Body Pump is the perfect combination of aerobic and strength training. By involving the maximum number of muscles during workouts, you can burn calories much faster and more intensively. Turn on upbeat music and start exercising!

This set consists of a barbell bar and bright plates weighing 20 kg in total. The colours of the plates help you choose the right weight for a particular workout - you can always adjust the load yourself.

Is summer already around the corner? Then hurry up to get Body Pump at a good price, and in a few weeks you will surely be happy with your reflection in the mirror!

Set contains:
х1 Barbell bar;
х2 Plate: 1.5 kg;
х2 Plate: 2.5 kg;
х2 Plate: 5 kg.

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