Horizontal bar wall "Light"Wall Pull Up Bar "Light" (00002)

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Horizontal bar wall "Light"Wall Pull Up Bar "Light" (00002)
Code: 00002
Type Pull up bar
Max weight 180 kg
Size 110х42 cm
Height 32 cm
Guarantee 2 years

To be able to exercise successfully it’s not necessary to attend a gym. If you have no time for training with a coach, the best decision is to install a wall pull up bar at home.

Wall pull up bar “Light” is an all-welded white construction that endures maximum load of up to 180 kilogram. .

Wall horizontal bar fits all kinds of exercises directed at strengthening the spine and muscular frame. The wall bar is mounted on the wall with the help of bolts; the distance from the wall is 42 cm.

Home pull up bar is supplied with rubber plates that provide convenient grip. It is complete with a hook for hanging a punching bag.

Wall pull up bar is a simple but effective piece of training equipment. Occupying minimum space in the room, it is productive for keeping fit and maintaining good shape.

“Light” model fits all kinds of grips. You can buy a pull up bar in our internet-shop.


  • Distance from wall to the pull up bar – 42 cm.
  • Bar diameter  – 28 mm.
  • Width of the grip – 110 cm.
  • Width between bolts – 75 cm.
  • The hook for hanging a punching bag id supplied.

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