NSD Powerball 280Hz Blaze Red Classic

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NSD Powerball 280Hz Blaze Red Classic
Code: nsd_blaze_amber
Type Powerball
Meter No
Illumination Yes
Autostart No
Guarantee 2 years
Ultra smooth with red rotor LEDs which illuminate radiantly when spinning, NSD Powerball 280Hz Blaze Red is a cord-start ball with impact-resistant shell and a vibration free 18,000rpm top speed which develops 0-16kg (0-35lbs) resistance. Lifetime guaranteed with reversible inner tracks for enhanced lifespan, this model is effective for all wrist, arm & shoulder rehabilitation/strength building (LCD speed-meter optional).

  • Vibration free to 18,000rpm
  • Drop resistant ABS shell design
  • Induction powered red rotor LEDs
  • Battery free 6-mode speed meter is optional
  • Cord-start mechanism
  • Reversible internal tracks for enhanced lifespan
  • Generates up to 16kg/35lbs resistance
  • Weighs 264g / 9.3oz
- Perfect for sports (golfers, squash, tennis,   fencing,  basketball, badminton, archery, cricket etc) fitness,  rehabilitation (Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Arthritis etc), all  disciplines of musicians, and are great fun too!
- 280Hz™ NSD Powerball® models are individually hand-assembled and are the still the fastest models in the range.

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