NSD Powerball 450HZ Metal Pro Diablo Gold S - Light™ (High speed, S-light)

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NSD Powerball 450HZ Metal Pro Diablo Gold S - Light™ (High speed, S-light)
Code: nsd_diablo_gold
Type Powerball
Meter Yes
Illumination No
Autostart No
Guarantee 2 years
Put extreme velocity into your hands - 450Hz Diablo, a concept made real.
Tuned for raw speed and polished to perfection, this device performs even better than it looks 450Hz is the fastest spinning Powerball of all time and by a considerable margin. The light - weight stainless steel shell is anodised with gold and houses a unique, hollowed aluminum engine which feels like it could spin fast enough to create a black hole.
At time of writing, 450Hz has already been pushed well above 21,300rpm by Akis Kritsinelis, the current world record holder (a Formula 1 engine requires over 800hp to hit 18,000rpm...) and, according to Akis, this sublime ball had plenty left in reserve.
450Hz Diablo is thought to be the fastest directly human powered device on the planet.
Fastest Powerball ever:
  • Computer balanced 450Hz rotor vibration free to 23000rpm++;
  • Ultra-grip silicone band;
  • Gold plated stainless steel shell;
  • Hollowed Aluminum Ultra-high speed rotor;
  • Fitted LCD Speed meter;
  • Weighs 158 g;
  • Intertial resistance: 3.2kg at 10 000 rpm;
  • Torque: 7.8 kg-cm @10 000 rpm.

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