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Push up board with handles

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Push up board with handles
Code: 00014201
Type Push-Up
Size 65x19,5x9 cm
Weight 0.800 kg
Guarantee 2 years

4 colors of possible support settings indicate the most involved muscle group: yellow is the broadest muscle of the back, red - the arms, green - the triceps, and blue - the chest.

Push-up handles allow you to train all upper muscles by adjusting the angle and position of the handles. Plank using your own body weight makes it possible sculpting the muscles of the upper limbs and torso.

Various support settings to exercise specific muscle groups; you burn calories and build strength thanks to an innovative system; you maximize the overall strength and endurance of individual body parts.


  • material: ABS / PP;
  • strengthens: chest, arms, back, triceps;
  • board dimensions: 9x65x19.5 cm;
  • weight: 0.81 kg;
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a year ago
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in the last week
Excellent service - bought an AM Fusion SUP board - with a great on-sale offering price - on Wednesday evening. And on Friday morning, it was already delivered to my doorstep. Absolutely great, keep up this kind of customer-oriented service (Y)
2 months ago
This is one of the best online experiences I've had. Delivery was lightning fast and flow was smooth. Keep up the good work!
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