Bestway 58499 sand Filter Pump 8327 L, tank 20 kg

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Bestway 58499 sand Filter Pump 8327 L, tank 20 kg
Code: 58499
Type Sand pump
Filtration speed 8327 l/h
Power supply From network
Power 220 W
Guarantee 2 years

Sand pump is a powerful device for water filtering. Every minute dust settles on the water, sand and dirt brought in by people get accumulated. A pool filter will help you save time and money on complete water replacement in the swimming pool. The water that goes through the filter, is purified by silica sand. Everything you need to do is to program the sand pump for cleaning with the help of a 24 hour timer. Sand filter is also beneficial because its filling needs replacing only once in several years.

Main advantages:

  • Higher degree of water purification from mechanical impurities than pumps with paper filter elements;
  • The filter element (quartz sand) requires rare replacement - once every 4-5 years;
  • Powerful pump (capacity 8327 l/h);
  • Corrosion-resistant reservoir for the filter element;
  • Adapters for 32mm
  • Housing made of high quality material
  • 6 position valve
  • Clamp connection
  • Does not require constant maintenance
  • Fits most BestWay and Intex models from 457 cm in diameter
  • Instructions for use


  • Pump capacity: 8327 l/h
  • System capacity: 6813 l/h
  • Recommended for pools with water volume: from 1100 to 54500 liters Required amount of quartz sand: 20 kg (sand sold separately)
  • Network: 220V
  • Weight: 14.5 kg
  • Instruction in Russian


  • Filter pump - 1 pc.
  • Corrugated hoses 38 mm with couplings for connection to the pool - 3 pcs.

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