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Trampoline with handle 100 cm (DY-JS-6388)

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Trampoline with handle 100 cm (DY-JS-6388)
Code: DY-JS-6388
Ladder No
Net No
Diameter 100 cm
Height 22 cm
Weight 10 kg
Guarantee 2 years

Do you get bored during monotonous trainings with dumbbells? Do you dream about making sports not only time consuming, but also joyful? We offer the most original and fashionable solution - a trampoline with handle for jumping fitness! From now on, every workout will be an exciting experience and you will plunge into childhood again!

Jumping fitness is now actively developing among sports fans, as it allows not only to improve your shape, but also to work on movement coordination and to strengthen the vestibular system. Such exercising is based on aerobic training, and you can easily get rid of excess calories, increase your muscle tone, and most importantly - enhance your mood!

This trampoline is equipped with a special handle, which serves as a support for performing various exercises. The folding construction makes it easy to transport the training device if necessary. Sturdy steel legs of the trampoline ensure its safety and durability – feel free to jump vigorously and boldly!

An open-air summer workout with this sports equipment will be especially healthy for you – just place it in your backyard or bring it to your summerhouse. Turn on mood music, start exercising and have fun! This modern product will be an excellent gift for those who follow the latest aerobics news. Be on trend with the fitness trampoline!

  • Trampoline diameter: 100 cm;
  • Frame: durable steel profile 2.5 cm;
  • Supporting legs: 6 pieces, sturdy steel tube with a diameter of 2.5 cm;
  • Springs: galvanized steel;
  • Construction: Folding;
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg;
  • Dimensions and weight: 104 cm x 104 cm x 7 cm / 10 kg;
  • Dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm x 147 cm;
  • Frame height: 22 cm;
  • Weight: 8.5 kg.
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