Dumbbell Set 2 x 15kg

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Dumbbell Set 2 x 15kg

Type Set
Weight 30 kg
Length 48 сm
Diameter 30 mm

Would you like to work out your muscles and be in good shape? Are you searching for the best solution to start with?

This sports equipment will surely inspire you to raise your muscle tone. The easy-to-use dumbbells with removable weight plates allow you to choose the necessary weight for different types of exercises in accordance with your current physical condition. That is why this useful tool will be an excellent investment in your future sports achievements, as you will now be motivated to use heavier plates in your further training. Moreover, you will not have to buy other dumbbells in a few weeks, because the weight you need will already be at your disposal!

Start sporting today, don’t wait for another Monday or New Year to motivate you!

Dumbbell set contains:
х2 Dumbbell bars: 48 cm x 30 mm, 0,55 kg;
х4 Plate: 1 kg;
х4 Plate: 1,25 kg;
х8 Plate: 2,5 kg;
x4 Spinlock collars;
Plate filling: cement.

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