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Турник, 91x50 см

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Турник, 91x50 см
Код: 00001488
Тип Настенный турник
Максимальный вес 350 кг
Размер 91x50 см
Высота 18 см
Гарантия 2 года

Solid exercise bar mounted to the wall. It is suitable for training a variety of ways, to obtain maximum effects. This simple device allows you to exercise various muscle groups of the body. It is also suitable for mounting to the ceiling - then you can pull up on the side handles.

Ideal for beginners and advanced athletes. The individual bar elements are attached to each other by on a durable screws. Unfolded bar occupies very little space for easy transport.

Thanks to the thick pipes, bar gives you the guarantee of safety. Comfortably and efficiently you can train on the shoulders, back, arms, stomach, etc. Perfect for home or to the gym. Ability to hang on it the punching bag.



  • Colour: black
  • Maximum load: up to 350kg
  • Dimensions (length / width): 91x50cm
  • Weight: ~5kg

In the set:

  • Mounting screws (8 pcs.)
  • Hex wrench
  • Open ended wrench