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Acupuncture Acupressure Mat Trizand with pillow and balls

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Acupuncture Acupressure Mat Trizand with pillow and balls
Code: 00014203
Type Acupuncture mat
Size 40x65 cm
Weight 0.760 kg
Color Black / blue
Guarantee 2 years

The Trizand Kit means you don't have to look for additional massage gadgets, everything you need is included! If you are unbearably suffering from back pain that interferes with normal life, or pain in your legs after a hard day at work, buy the Kuznetsov applicator. This massager has proven its effectiveness and has helped millions of people around the world for over 40 years. With our acupressure set, you can perform exercises that guarantee improved circulation and can help relieve pain and other ailments. A spiked mat is an affordable alternative to expensive massage treatments and medications. The price of an acupressure mat is affordable for all people, and its benefits will not go unnoticed. And most importantly, you need to buy a rug only once, and it will last for decades!

  • improves and normalizes sleep;
  • restores the body's performance after physical exertion;
  • reduces muscle pain;
  • improves venous circulation;
  • restores skin tone and improves elasticity;
  • restores joint mobility in osteoarthritis and arthritis;
  • helps with back and spine pain;
  • it is used to improve the general tone of the body.

The set consists of a mat, a pillow and 2 spiked balls. They have placed 230 rosettes with 27 small pyramids firmly on the mat. This gives a total of 6210 pressure points and allows you to massage not only your feet, but also your back, neck or limbs. It is enough to enter the mat with bare feet to feel its healing effect after some time. The cushion has 59 rosettes with 27 small spurs each, giving 1593 pressure points. The massage balls each have 78 spines and are ideal for relaxing tense muscles.


  • Material: cotton, plastic, foam
  • Mat dimensions: 65 x 40 x 2 cm
  • Number of applicators per mat: 230
  • Number of points of pressure on the mat: 6210
  • Pillow dimensions: 14 x 11 x 34 cm
  • Number of applicators per pillow: 59
  • The number of points of pressure on the pillow: 1593
  • Number of pins per ball: 78
  • Set weight: 0.713 kg
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I ordered cosmetologic chair/table from this company to Lithuania. Read the reviews and choose to buy from Morex than from my own country selling companies. I was suprised by the fast shipping! They shipped it very fast, pretty got it the other day. The problem was with the DPD couriers who somehow managed to lost the huge package for a few days and damage it. But after some calls and searching the package was found. The chair itself is in good quality, inside of the package wasn't damaged, so I am happy. Your customer service is amazing, got replies in email very fast! Thank you so much! Will be definitely ordering more.
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Good place to buy stuff! Cheap and fast delivery. only 1-3 days from Latvia warehouse to Estonia.
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