Air conditioner (heat pump) Mitsubishi FDTC25VF/SRC25ZMX-S

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Air conditioner (heat pump) Mitsubishi FDTC25VF/SRC25ZMX-S

Type Industrial
Installation 250 EUR
Room 45-60 m2
Power consumption 0.84 kW/h
Cooling capacity 3.2 kW
Heating capacity 4.7 kW
Air flow m³/min 10.5 m³/min
Conditioner size 70x70x28 cm
Conditioner weight 18.5 kg
Inverter size 78x60x29 cm
Inverter weight 35 kg
The cooling temperature in ° C -15°C ~ +43°C
Heating temperature in ° C -15°C ~ +24°C

Quick installation 250 EUR + Free delivery in Riga and within a radius of 50 km from Riga.
Book the installation just 1-5 days before!
No deposit and prepayment - Pay on site to the master!
  • FUZZY AUTO MODE:Automatically the unit determines its operating mode and temperature setting based on a fuzzy calculation and adjusts the inverter frequency.
  • AUTOMATIC OPERATION: The air conditioner will automatically selects from heating, cooling or dry operation.
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: Advanced technology of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverters has improved the heating and cooling operation range. This unit can be installed when heating or cooling operation is required at low ambient conditions down to -15°C.
Air Flow Functions:
  • MEMORY FLAP: While the flap is swinging it can be stopped at any angle. The flap returns to this position next time the unit starts.
  • UP/DOWN FLAP SWING:The Up/Down flap can be adjusted to the preferred angle anywhere between horizontal and perpendicular.
  • AUTO FLAP MODE:The unit automatically selects the optimal angle whatever the operation mode.

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