Air conditioner (heat pump) Mitsubishi SRK-SRC50ZS-W Premium series

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Air conditioner (heat pump) Mitsubishi SRK-SRC50ZS-W Premium series
Type For home
Installation 350 EUR
Room 70-100 m²
Power consumption 0.37-2.3 kW/h
Cooling capacity 5 kW
Heating capacity 5.8 kW
Air flow m³/min 13.9 m³/min
Conditioner size 87x29x23 cm
Conditioner weight 10 kg
Inverter size 78x60x29 cm
Inverter weight 36.5 kg
The cooling temperature in ° C -15°C ~ +46°C
Heating temperature in ° C -15°C ~ +24°C
Guarantee 2 years

Quick installation 350 EUR + Free delivery in Riga and within a radius of 50 km from Riga.

No deposit and prepayment - Pay on site to the master!

The split-system cools the room during high summer temperatures and is capable of replacing heating devices completely when it is up to -25 degrees outside. In heating mode, you save 5 times more compared to electric heating.

The split system consists of two parts - a compressor and an internal block. Inside the compressor there is a container with cooling gas - freon. Circulating inside the copper tubes, the freon cools the air. The peculiarity of the split system is that it is capable of not only cooling, but also serving as a full-fledged economical heater.

The air conditioner has movable shutters, by means of which you get an even distribution of air in horizontal and vertical directions for more accurate temperature balance maintenance.

You will get:

  • economical energy consumption of A + class;
  • low noise level,
  • increased efficiency level up to 500% in heating mode.

Split systems will save your space, time and money:

  • You will not have to look for additional space in the room, because wall air conditioners do not occupy any additional space unlike bulky mobile installations.
  • Split systems require maintenance not more often than once a year.
  • Wall-type air conditioners are 70-80% more economical than mobile ones.
  • No more noise, wall-type conditioners are 20 decibels quieter than mobile ones.

Do not risk - Order the installation!

Do not risk searching for the masters yourself, our qualified masters will deliver and immediately install the air conditioner, and you will not have to do any prepayments - pay the master both for his work and for the split-system when the air conditioner is already installed.

Installation: installation cost 200 EUR including VAT (with the outdoor unit height and pipe length of no more than 3 m). The installation kit includes everything you need to start using the device.

When ordering our installation, the delivery in Riga and within a radius of 50 km from Riga is free.

The installation term ranges from 1 to 5 days - we will agree with you on a day of installation, and the masters will come at the appointed time.

Before ordering, we recommend consulting us at +371 26003120 or sending us an e-mail to to specify the installation conditions. Let's choose the optimal air conditioner together. In case you choose a less powerful model, the air conditioner may not cope with its task, although it will work flat out. The excessively powerful air conditioner will turn on too often for short time periods, which will also shorten its service life.

Warranty: 2 years, subject to installation by our masters. In case you install the air conditioner by yourself, the warranty does not apply.

Come to our store in Riga on Maskavas iela 418b to see 3 popular air conditioner models available in our showroom, as well as see air conditioners in operation - after all, we use them for winter heating and summer cooling ourselves.

The SRK-ZS model provides high seasonal efficiency, comfort cooling or heating to the user and the unit integrates smoothly in any application. There are many options that can be activated to benefit the user’s personal lifestyle.

Key Features

  • Designed to target the European air conditioning market;
  • High seasonal efficiency;
  • Lower noise levels;
  • Pre- set operation setting;
  • Quiet airflow using 3D Auto to achieve harmonised temperature;
  • Can be controlled by Smartphones, Tablets by optional Wi-Fi device;
  • Improved Cool/Heat Auto Changer;
  • LED brightness can be adjusted;
  • Colour variations available.

User Friendly Operation
Smart Air Conditioner

The new generation of SRK- indoor units is now even more user friendly: an optional Wi-Fi gateway device installed inside the unit makes it possible for the unit to be controlled via smart phone, tablet. This is smart air conditioning, evolving around your schedule.
Whether you are on the go, away or at home – the control of your air conditioner is only one fingertip away!

Wireless Remote Controller
The wall mounted unit comes with a wireless infra-red remote controller which is used to control the unit’s settings such as temperature, fan speed, heating or cooling mode. The controller has a user-friendly design with large buttons. There are many key benefits such as eco-mode settings, which allow energy to be saved. There is also a weekly timer which can be set to your own parameters and when required for your convenience. There is also a silent mode option, which can be selected when going to sleep so there are minimal noise levels.

This unit also has an option to be controlled by a smart phone or tablet. However if this option is preferred then an electrical device is required. This would need to be installed separately and an app would need to be downloaded on a smart phone or tablet.

High Seasonal Efficiency

Standard-equipped with motion sensors that detect human movement and automatically control the room temperature as well as the air-conditioners On/Off operations.

Low Noise Levels

Both the ZSX and ZS models feature a “silent” operating mode for the outdoor unit and weekly timer function for greater environmental compatibility and convenience.

New Functions

Engineered to provide improved functions and addition to their sophisticated comfort air-conditioning and energy-saving performance.

European Design

Our Italian design agency Tensa s.r.l. based in Milan successfully focused the design of the models to appeal to the European market.


  • Invetrer split insaged wall type;
  • Class: A++;
  • Conditioner size: 87 x 29 x 23 cm;
  • Inverter size: 78 x 59.5 x 29 cm;
  • Power: 5 kW;
  • Refrigerant: R410A;
  • Cooling power: 5 kW;
  • Minimum heating power: 5.8 kW;
  • Maximum heating power: 6.6 kW;
  • Cooling from -15 C to +46 C;
  • Heating from -15 C to +24 C;
  • Room size up to 100 m2.



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