Children's sports complex Igrunok, 000239

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Code: 000239

Children's sports complex Igrunok, 000239

Size 145х140 cm
Height 150 cm
Max.load 100 kg
Weight 48.2 kg

Are you dreaming of bringing up a champion? A laconic and compact playground “Little player” is simply cut out for harmonic development of kids! Backyard playground for home or a summer cottage occupies minimum space and can be easily mounted without any special skills. Kids’ playground is manufactured from durable hypo-allergenic materials and can even hold an adult.   


Main characteristics:

- colour: black and white;

- mounting: to the floor;

- age: 1+;

- dimensions (height/width/depth): 150х145х140 cm;

- ladder width: 40 cm;

- bar diameter: 3 cm;

- spacing: 26 cm;

- load capacity:

  frame — 100 kg;

  hanging elements — 80 kg;

  swing — 35 kg;

- material: metal Ø38 mm tube with powder coating;

- area: 2.1 m²

- weight: 48.2 kg;

- tare: 150х48х13.5 cm.


Packaging arrangement: rings, climbing rope, bungee jump, swing, rope ladder


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