DEMO Sports complex Pioner-1 green-yellow (swedish wall)

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DEMO Sports complex Pioner-1 green-yellow (swedish wall)
Mounts Floor-ceiling
Dimension 110х90 cm
Height 225-285 сm
From Wall 19.5 cm
Max. load 100 kg
Weight 25 kg
Guarantee 2 years
Are you a head of a kindergarten who wants to diversify children’s sports activities? Maybe you are looking for multipurpose and high-quality equipment for a children's sports school? Or are you a parent who is worried about the sedentary lifestyle of your precious child? The Swedish stall bars for children Pioner-1 will be your universal solution. This modern sports complex is suitable for both the smallest kids from 3 years old and teenage students. Make children's leisure more active and joyful with the help of Pioner-1!

The rope, the ring, the vertical ladder, the trapeze and the horizontal bar - the whole set of these qualitative sports equipment will be yours at once, because this Swedish wall lets children choose from the variety of exercising options! Pioner-1 is attached to both ceiling and floor, which guarantees extra stability. A special powder coating makes the construction as reliable as possible, and the international certificates confirm high quality of the product. A healthy lifestyle and sporting achievements will be the main companions of your kids!

Buy this children's Swedish wall in Riga at Granita iela 3, or order the delivery to your home or your institution. The attractive design will be an additional motivation for children to increase their endurance and strengthen a variety of muscle groups. Now your beloved child or your pupils will always be able to do some useful activity!

Package size: 112 cm x 34 cm x 95 cm;
Size: 1.2 mx 0.9 mx 2.25 m;
Adjustable height: 2.25 m - 2.85 m;
Offset from wall: 19.5 cm;
Length of the roof frame: 84 cm;
Width of the roof frame: 53.8 cm;
Width of the ceiling frame with horizontal bar: 89 cm;
Step distance: 26 cm;
Recommended age: 3 years;
Weight: 25 kg;
Maximum load: 100 kg;
Color: green, yellow;
Equipment: rope, ring, vertical ladder, trapeze and horizontal bar.

ATTENTION! For safer trainings, we recommend purchasing a special mat!

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