Electric massage table Starlet Flat

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Electric massage table Starlet Flat

Electric Yes
Size 184(211)x70 cm
Height 44-98 cm

Electric massage table Starlet Flat

It's high time to think about making your massage salon as technological as possible! We offer you to purchase an electric massage table Starlet Flat at a very pleasant price - let your clients enjoy new sensations and emphasize your professionalism in your favorite business!
The spa table Starlet Flat is easy to set up with a special pedal - the height adjustment "Powerlift" helps you prepare the table for work in a blink of an eye. The steel frame guarantees the strength and durability of the table - you will not have to worry about possible breakage at high load any more. One of the main features of this model is polypropylene wheels attached on one side – feel free to move the table to any point of the salon without any help! In addition, the high-quality three-layer table filler "Hard Foam" and luxurious eco-skin upholstery will bring your client a unique sense of ease and comfort.
The ultra-soft face cushion with an adjustable headrest will make your client smile, and a removable armrest shelf will let the client position himself in the most comfortable way. Discover the new level of massage services with spa couch Starlet Flat!

  • Lifting Capacity:  204 kgs;
  • Length : 184 cm (Table top);
  • ncluding headrest: 211 cm;
  • Width: 70 cm;
  • Weight Range: 55 kg;
  • Height Range: 43 cm - 98 cm;
  • Cushion: 7.6 cm multi-layer Soft-foam system;
  • Upholstery: Comfort Soft-touch PU upholstering.
Standard Features:
  • Easy to use foot pedal; 
  • Heavy-duty steel frame;
  • Headrest outlets on both ends;
  • Smooth, reliable electric lift actuator;
  • Easy control powerlift height adjustment;
  • Heavy duty polypropylene wheels for easy transportation;
  • 3 thick multi-layer soft foam system;
  • Super comfort Soft-touch luxurious PU upholstering.
  • An ultra soft deluxe face cushion;
  • An adjustable aluminium  face cradle;
  • A Reinforced armsling.

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