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Lithium battery Green cell LifePO4 12V 100Ah

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Lithium battery Green cell LifePO4 12V 100Ah
Code: CAV05
Ah 100 Ah
Depth 172 mm
Width 329 mm
Height 217 mm
Guarantee 2 years

Lithium battery advantages:

  • Lithium batteries weigh about three times less and have half the volume of lead-acid batteries.
  • Lithium batteries can be easily discharged at 80% current to 1/2 capacity with almost no loss of capacity.
  • Subject to all the rules, a lithium battery will work 1000 charge-discharge cycles.
  • A significant advantage of lithium batteries is the charging speed, which is twice as fast as traditional batteries.


  • Manufacturer: GREEN CELL
  • Depth: 172 mm
  • Height: 217 mm
  • Width: 329 mm
  • Amperes: 100 Ah 
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