Inflatable boat Bestway Marine Pro, 291x127x46 cm

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Inflatable boat Bestway Marine Pro, 291x127x46 cm

Type Reinforced multilayer PVC
Number of places 3
Length 297 cm
Width 127 cm
Load capacity 270 kg
Weight 16 kg
Floring Inflatable
Height 46 cm

Imagine an early morning, when the sun is about to give you a new warm day and the water in the river is so clear that you can see the very bottom. Going fishing on such a day is a special pleasure if you have your faithful friend and the reliable little boat Bestway. The design of this boat is well thought to the last detail so that you could enjoy the process and forget about inconveniences. .

- this boat, made of 3-layer high durability polyvinylchloride, doesn’t fear a storm or a rocky bottom;

- the product’s weight capacity is up to 270 kg, it can comfortably sit three adults of average built;

- the screw air valves will tightly retain the air inside the boat;

- in-built holders allow installing additional fishing rods on both sides;

- all-directional oar locks for comfortable boat steering;

- around the perimeter of a Bestway boat there is a leer rope for the safety of the swimmers;

- inflatable seats and the floor - everything for your comfort;

- in the middle there is a securely fixed waterproof case that will keep your baggage dry;

- a tow loop is for reliable docking;

- the inflatable boat is supplied with a strap for steering from the riverbank;  

- the disassembling aluminum ours 1.52 m long for convenient storage and transporting of the equipment.
Packaging: a boat, 2 oars, an air pump Air Hammer (37 cm), safety valve, a repair kit, a storage bag.
Treat yourself to a new boat celebrating the beginning of a new summer season. A fishing boat can also make a great gift. Make sure you drop by our store - we have regular promotions and give pleasant discounts.

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