Intex MARINER 3 FULL SET with Neraus NRS 46X + Intact Traktion-Power 120Ah

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Intex MARINER 3 FULL SET with Neraus NRS 46X + Intact Traktion-Power 120Ah
Code: marin3_nrs46_int120_deca
Boat Mariner 3
Motor Neraus 46X
Battery Intact 120Ah
Charger Deca 9A
Type Boat+Mot+Bat+Char+Mount
Number of places 3
Guarantee 2 years

Set Includes:

  • Intex Mariner 3 BOAT SET (297x127x46 cm);
  • Electric outboard motor Neraus NRS 46X - with charge indicator;
  • Power Battery Intact Traktion-Power 120Ah (c20);
  • Pulse Battery Charger DECA 9A;
  • Transom board for mounting the INTEX outboard motor.


Intex Mariner 3 boat set is a capacious inflatable three-seat boat with a loading capacity of up to 300 kg.

The hard floor of the construction is reliable, durable and creates additional comfort for passengers.

The boat is equipped with two comfortable inflatable seats.

The boat comes with accessories: the set includes lightweight 137 cm long aluminum oars and a double-acting manual pump High-Output Pump (art. 68614),which inflates when the piston moves in both directions.


  • Size: 297x127x46 cm;
  • Weight: 29.80 kg.
  • Number of seats - 3.
  • Payload, kg: 300 kg.
  • Material - three-layer reinforced Super Tough.
  • The thickness of the material is 0.76 mm.
  • 3 air chambers.
  • Special Boston-type valves for quick inflation and deflation.
  • The rope around the perimeter of the boat.
  • Hard floor for greater comfort and stability.
  • Oarlocks on each side and oar holders.
  • The set includes oars, pump, bags.


Electric boat motor NERAUS 46X - with charge indicator

  • Neraus X-series trolling motor has excellent quality.
  • The shaft is made of complex fiber, which gives great stiffness.
  • The motor shell is well protected by resin so that it is anti-corrosive against salt water.
  • The propeller is designed to be dual blades and is able to provide higher efficiency than those of triple baldes.
  • The handle has the ability to rotate upward and downward woth a maximum of 30 degrees to provide most comfortable control experience. A movement lockis also equipped to maintain handle position.
  • Motor has a 10 LEDs battery indicator that indicates the current battery status. 5 Forward speeds 3 reverse speeds.
  • The transom bracket can lift the motor when it is idle. The height of motor can be adjusted by the position locker. 

Neraus NRS 46
Thrust: 46 LBS / 20.9 KGS;
Input Power: 12V, 40A, 480W;
Shaft length: 36'';
Max speed: 9,5 km/h.


Power boat battery Intact Traktion-Power 120Ah (c20)

Standard class battery. Voltage 12V.

Traditional technology lead - acid battery with liquid electrolyte. Reinforced high-capacity battery boards provide increased energy capacity.

Designed for light intensity applications as an energy source for electric boat engines, golf carts, electric wheelchairs, hoists, car audio systems and other equipment. With electrolyte and charged.

  • Depth: 172
  • Height: 242
  • Width: 330
  • Amperes: 120 Ah (c20)


Pulse Battery Charger DECA 9A

230V 12V / 9A 10-120Ah

  • Automatic battery charging.
  • Designed for charging 12V lead acid, AGM and GEL type batteries.
  • Designed for all types of batteries with a capacity from 10 to 120 ampere-hours.
  • 9A charging current.
  • Maximum power consumption - 115W.
  • Internal transformer with copper coil for effective charging.
  • Protected against incorrect connection of terminals.
  • The battery can be left connected to the charger, without any risks.
  • Made in Italy (DECA s.p.a. SM).


Transom board for mounting an outboard motor INTEX

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