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Intex MARINER 4 FULL SET with Neraus NRS 40X + Intact Marine-Power 114AH

870,00 €
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Intex MARINER 4 FULL SET with Neraus NRS 40X + Intact Marine-Power 114AH
Code: marin4_nrs40_int114_deca
Boat Mariner 4
Motor Neraus 40X
Battery Intact 114Ah
Charger Deca 9A
Type Boat+Mot+Bat+Char+Mount
Number of places 4
Guarantee 2 years
Set Includes:
  • Intex Marinaer 4 BOAT SET -  with hard floor (328x145x48);
  • Electric outboard motor Neraus NRS 40X - with charge indicator;
  • Power boat battery Intact Marine-Power 114Ah (c20);
  • Pulse Battery Charger DECA 9A;
  • Transom board for mounting the INTEX outboard motor.

Intex Mariner 4 BOAT SET -  with hard floor (328x145x48).

A 4-seat inflatable boat Intex 68376 is designed for safe and comfortable pastime on the water. The capacity of this water craft is 3 (+1) passengers.  Maximum weight is up to 400 kg.

An inflatable motormount boat is manufactured from PVC with the addition of a reinforced net. The floor is durable and is tear proof. PVC is resistant to aggressive influence of atmospheric agents.

The inflatable fishing boat is equipped with two mobile row locks with safety clips and two fishing rod holders. There are two handles.

The boat is provided with 3 inflatable seats, a special rubber bump stop, and an outside guard railing along the whole length of the boat.

Technical characteristics:

  • Number of seats: 3+1.
  • Dimensions: 328х145х48 cm.
  • Weight: 39 kg.
  • Material: super durable PVC
  • PVC thickness: 0.75 mm.
  • Fishing rod holders: 2.
  • Row locks with safety clips: 2.
  • Floor construction: Wave Beam
  • Number of air chambers: 3.
  • Motor bracket: yes
  • Oars: aluminium, 137 cm.
  • Portable pump: yes
  • Waterproof bags: 2.
  • Seat cushions: 3.

Electric boat motor NERAUS 40X - with charge indicator
  • Neraus X-series trolling motor has excellent quality.
  • The shaft is made of complex fiber, which gives great stiffness.
  • The motor shell is well protected by resin so that it is anti-corrosive against salt water.
  • The propeller is designed to be dual blades and is able to provide higher efficiency than those of triple baldes.
  • The handle has the ability to rotate upward and downward woth a maximum of 30 degrees to provide most comfortable control experience. A movement locks also equipped to maintain handle position.
  • The transom bracket can lift the motor when it is idle. The height of motor can be adjusted by the position locker. 
  • Motor has a 10 LEDs battery indicator that indicates the current battery status. 5 Forward speeds 3 reverse speeds.
Neraus NRS 40
Thrust: 40LBS / 18,1 KGS;
Input Power: 12V, 34A, 408W;
Shaft length: 30'';
Max speed: 7,8 km/h.

Power boat battery Intact Marine-Power 114Ah (c20)
Standard class battery. Voltage 12V.
Traditional technology lead - acid battery with liquid electrolyte. Reinforced high-capacity battery boards provide increased energy capacity.
Designed for light intensity applications as an energy source for electric boat engines, golf carts, electric wheelchairs, hoists, car audio systems and other equipment. With electrolyte and charged.
  • Depth: 172
  • Height: 242
  • Width: 330
  • Amperes: 95

Pulse Battery Charger DECA 9A
230V 12V / 9A 10-120Ah
  • Automatic battery charging.
  • Designed for charging 12V lead acid, AGM and GEL type batteries.
  • Designed for all types of batteries with a capacity from 10 to 120 ampere-hours.
  • 9A charging current.
  • Maximum power consumption - 115W.
  • Internal transformer with copper coil for effective charging.
  • Protected against incorrect connection of terminals.
  • The battery can be left connected to the charger, without any risks.
  • Made in Italy (DECA s.p.a. SM).

Transom board for mounting an outboard motor INTEX
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