Pull up bar "Spectrum-2" (00009)

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Pull up bar "Spectrum-2" (00009)

Type Pull up bar
Max weight 200 kg
Size 101х40 cm
Height 20 cm

To maintain your body in good shape physical exercise is essential. A Wall pull-up bar is a versatile home training equipment for physical exercise.

Wall pull up bar "Spectrum-2" – is sport training equipment suitable for neutral and wide grip. Wall mounted pull up bar is performed in the form of a dismountable construction for maximum weight of 200 kg.

Metal white frame is firmly anchored to the wall with the help of bolts. The bar is completely rubberized that provides optimal anti-slip grip.

White and black wall horizontal bar has small dimensions, so it doesn’t attract too much attention indoors. You can put the sport complex in any convenient corner of the room without changing the interior.  

Indoor pull up bar is meant for regular workouts. The materials and build quality allow using this training equipment for years leaving its appearance and dependability unaltered. You can buy a pull up bar in our shop through an online form or a telephone call.


  • Distance from the wall to the bar – 40 cm.
  • Bar diameter  – 28 mm.
  • Grip width – 101 cm.

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