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Pulse Battery Charger (12-24V) 0-10A

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Pulse Battery Charger (12-24V) 0-10A
Code: 00011257
Ampers 0-10 A
Volts 12-24 V
Guarantee 2 years

Professional device for charging batteries in cars, motorbikes, mowers and motor boats. Is it universal, modern 12 / 24V charger that allows you to charge various types of batteries: traditional, lithium, calcium, self-service and maintenance-free. It is extremely easy to use, so that everyone can easily charge the vehicle powering device by themselves. It has a control panel and L E D display, which clearly displays the parameters.

The charger has many useful functions, such as: protection of the battery against damage; automatic voltage detection and pulse recovery. Due to the fact that the charger has a very compact size, it can be easily stored and transported: in the car, at home, e.g. in a closet, on a shelf. It takes up very little space .


  • color: yellow-black
  • material: metal
  • input voltage: 110-250V
  • output voltage: 12 / 24V
  • frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • power: 180W
  • working current: 12V: 0-10A / 24V: 0-7A
  • working temperature: -20 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • screen: LED
  • protection function: sixfold safety protection
  • pulse repair function: yes
  • dimensions (length / width / height): 17,5x13,8x6  cm;
  • weight: 0.8 kg
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