Punching boxing bag 33 cm + Boxing gloves

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Punching boxing bag 33 cm + Boxing gloves
Code: 00016953
Type Punching bag + gloves
Size Ø 33 cm
Height 70-104 cm
Weight 0.782 kg
Guarantee 2 years

A punching bag for beginner kids fascinated by boxing should not be too hard. The puffed pear allows you to adaptation of hardness to own needs and skills . There is mobile so will save space in the apartment. Thanks to the toy it has a high-quality spring , it springs back after impact, and after a while it returns to the vertical position. The pear leans in all directions, making it difficult to hit and adding fun during training. In addition to the pear, the set includes gloves and a pump .

The set can be adjusted from 70 to 104 centimeters. Thanks to this, a toy once bought it will grow with the child. Just use the knob to loosen the tube, set the desired height and screw it back on. Included are universal size gloves, that will adapt to every child's hand.

The blown pear has a base into which, through a special hole with a cork, pour water or, for example, sand. Thanks to this the child can hit the bag without fear that it will tip over. The base has waterproof cork, so you don't have to worry about spills or spills on the floor while you are playing or training at home.


  • material: plastic / metal / leatherette
  • height adjustment: 70-104cm
  • color: black and red
  • stance diameter: 33 cm
  • pear weight + stand 0.782 kg
  • weight in the package: 1.252 kg.


  • punching bag with stand
  • boxing gloves
  • pump with a needle
  • assembly key

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