Swedish wall for children Pioner-5 blue-yellow

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Swedish wall for children Pioner-5 blue-yellow

Mounts To The Wall
Dimension 54x55 cm
Height 67 cm
Max. load 90 kg
Weight 12 kg

Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity can endanger children's health, particularly, cause obesity, which is a topical problem nowadays. If you understand that your child also has a risk to face it, do not hesitate - order Pioner-5 children's Swedish wall at a particularly favorable price! The goods are delivered directly from the Russian manufacturer!

The bright design of this sports complex will surely attract your child. The kid will be more active, which will allow him or her to become stronger, develop the musculoskeletal system and avoid gaining extra kilos. This Swedish wall for children is suitable for use both at home and in any children's institutions, and includes a variety of sports equipment:
  • rope
  • rings
  • vertical ladder
  • horizontal bar.
The multifunctionality of this complex will let every young athlete find exercises to his or her taste! Qualitative and environmentally friendly materials guarantee safe sporting experience of your child. The product has international quality certificates – it will be your best choice!
Buy this children's sports complex Pioner-5 today - come to our store in Riga at Granita iela, 3, or order the delivery, and we will bring the goods to the desired place. It is not easy to create a DIY stall bars, and it takes a lot of time - trust the quality of Pioner products and inspire your children for sports achievements!

Package size: 90 cm x 53 cm x 11 cm;
Width: 54 cm;
Width of horizontal bar​: 89 cm;
Height:​ 67 cm;
Indent from the wall to the horizontal bar:​ 55 cm;
Recommended age: 3 years;
Weight: 12 kg;
Maximum load: 90 kg;
Color: blue, yellow;
Equipment: rope, ring, vertical ladder, horizontal bar, trapeze and a grid for climbing.
ATTENTION! For safe exercising, we recommend purchasing a special mat!

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