Sports complex Pioner-8 green-yellow (swedish wall)

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Sports complex Pioner-8 green-yellow (swedish wall)
Code: dsk_pioner_8_green
Mounts To The Wall
Dimension 130х70 cm
Height 225 cm
From Wall 13.3 cm
Max. load 100 kg
Weight 35 kg
Guarantee 2 years
Is your child’s birthday right around the corner? Are you racking your brains over the present? Do you want the gift to be useful and enjoyable at the same time? Congratulations, you have found exactly what you were looking for! The Swedish wall bars Pioner-8 will strengthen your child's muscles and make him tougher and healthier. Its attractive bright design will motivate your kid to exercise again and again!

Such a great gift will never bore any child as it consists of a whole complex of colorful sports equipment:
  • rope
  • rings
  • vertical and horizontal ladders
  • net
  • horizontal bar
If you have previously encountered low-quality children's sports equipment, this time there are no issues for concern. Pioner-8 materials are environmentally friendly and completely safe for the child, which is confirmed by the international certificates of quality. This sports complex is suitable for children of any age, starting from 3 year-olds, so your gift will be universal and multifunctional. If you have several children, this Swedish wall will surely attract all the others as well!
Everyone knows that children love to be proud of their achievements and skills, so give them this opportunity! Order this sports wall today - your child will be grateful to you and happy to exercise hard to demonstrate the result!

Package size: 128 cm x 50 cm x 70 cm and 241 cm x 22 cm x 8 cm;
Size: 1.15 mx 0.69 mx 2.25 m;
Adjustable height: 2.25 m;
Offset from wall: 13,3 cm;
Step distance: 26 cm;
Recommended age: 3 years;
Weight: 35 kg;
Maximum load: 100 kg;
Color: green, yellow;
Equipment: rope, ring, vertical and horizontal ladder, net and horizontal bar.

ATTENTION! For safer exercising, we recommend that you purchase a special mat!

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