Sports complex Pioner-A green-yellow (swedish wall)

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Sports complex Pioner-A green-yellow (swedish wall)
Mounts Floor-ceiling
Dimension 120х90 cm
Height 225-285 сm
From Wall 75 cm
Max. load 100 kg
Weight 26 kg
Guarantee 2 years
It's an open secret that the key enemy of a child's posture and endurance is a sedentary lifestyle, so topical nowadays. Have you already accepted the fact that your child spends his or her leisure time near the screen of a smartphone or a computer? It is too early to despair, because the children's sports complex Pioner-A will certainly inspire your kid to new achievements in sports!

This carefully designed children's sports wall consists of the rope, the rings, the vertical ladder, the trapeze, the rope ladder and the horizontal bar - your child will definitely find the best gymnastic apparatus for oneself! The Swedish wall bars Pioner-A are suitable for both kids and teenagers, so if your son or daughter is just a baby now, this is an excellent contribution to his/her healthy future. Remember that for safer trainings you should order a special mat in addition to this complex!

The construction is covered with a special powder for extra safety and is fastened both to the ceiling and the floor. The materials of the complex are qualitative and ecological, and the reliability of this Swedish wall is confirmed by the international certificates. Select your child’s favorite colour and hurry up to order Pioner-A! You will immediately get the stall bars with all the accessories – it’s an excellent kit for your baby's health! Strengthen the immunity of your children and present them a great mood!

Package size: 113 cm x 35 cm x 13 cm;
Size: 1.2 mx 0.9 mx 2.25 m;
Adjustable height: 2.25 m - 2.85 m;
Length of the additional frame: 1.16 m;
Width of the roof frame: 53.8 cm;
Width of the ceiling frame with horizontal bar: 89 cm;
Step distance: 26 cm;
Recommended age: 3 years;
Weight: 26 kg;
Maximum load: 100 kg;
Color: green, yellow;
Equipment: rope, ring, vertical ladder, trapeze and horizontal bar.

ATTENTION! For safer trainings, we recommend purchasing a special mat!

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