Swedish wall for children Pioner-C1P green-yellow

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Swedish wall for children Pioner-C1P green-yellow

Mounts To The Wall
Dimension 50х90 cm
Height 217 cm
From Wall 13.3 cm
Max. load 100 kg
Weight 16 kg

Childhood is a time of irrepressible energy and lots of activities, aspirations and victories. Let your children spend their free time doing sports instead of sitting in front of a tablet or computer!

Swedish wall for children Pioner-C1P will perfectly motivate your child to go in for sports. Its bright design will attract any boy or girl - choose the colours that your little one likes. This sports complex is suitable for children over 3 years old, and it can be installed not only at home, but also in any children's institution. By training on these wall bars, children and teenagers can strengthen various muscle groups and improve the work of the musculoskeletal system. Start taking care of your children’s health right now!

The wall construction is powder coated and made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. The reliability of the sports complex is confirmed by international quality certificates. Your child will be able to exercise with the following equipment: the rope, the ring, the vertical ladder, the horizontal bar and the bungee. This day has come - your kid will finally stop hanging around with nothing to do! Another remarkable advantage of this Swedish wall for children is multifunctionality - if in some time your child loses interest in it, you can always supplement it with other sports accessories.

To buy Swedish wall C1P is very simple - book the delivery or pick up the goods at our store in Riga, Granita iela 3. Give the unbridled children's energy the right direction!

Package size: 124 cm x 43 cm x 50 cm;
Size: 0.5 m x 0.9 m x 2.17 m;
Width of the ceiling frame with horizontal bar: 89 cm;
Step distance: 26 cm;
Offset from wall: 13.3 cm;
Recommended age: 3 years;
Weight: 16 kg;
Maximum load: 100 kg;
Color: green, yellow;
Equipment: rope, ring, vertical ladder, horizontal bar, and bungee.

ATTENTION - in order to avoid injuries, we recommend purchasing a special mat!

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