Sports complex Pioner-C3C blue-yellow (swedish wall)

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Sports complex Pioner-C3C blue-yellow (swedish wall)

Mounts To The Wall
Dimension 180х60 cm
Height 225 cm
From Wall 13.3 cm
Max. load 100 kg
Weight 30 kg

Do you often hear your child’s complaints of pain in the back and neck, despite his/her young age? Long studies at school, homework and lack of time prevent your kid from attending full-time sports clubs? Don’t worry, you can easily change the situation by ordering the multifunctional wall bars Pioner-C3C and installing them at your home! Now you can organize a sports activity for your child in every kind of weather and season!

Encouraging child’s interest in sports from his young age is important, because if you notice that your kid quickly gets tired and falls ill rather often, you need to act today. But how can you interest your child in doing sports independently? The variety of sports equipment of this Swedish stall bars will be a pleasant surprise for both you and your child. Pioner-C3C complex boasts a rope, rings, a vertical ladder, a horizontal bar, a trapeze and a grid for climbing! Even the quietest child will be eager to try out this colorful Swedish wall!

Reliability and quality of the goods are guaranteed by international certificates. The whole complex, made of environmentally friendly materials, is firmly attached to the wall of your room.

After a few weeks of regular exercising, you will notice an improvement in your child's overall health, endurance and mood! Remember that sports strengthen the immunity of a growing body - this will contribute to your child’s success in other areas of his eventful life. Take care of your child's health together with the Swedish wall Pioner-C3C and don’t forget to buy a special mat for safer trainings!

Package size: 241 cm x 22 cm x 80 cm and 50 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm;
Size: 1,75 mx 0,6 mx 2,25 m;
Offset from wall: 13,3 cm;
Step distance: 26 cm;
Recommended age: 3 years;
Weight: 30 kg;
Maximum load: 100 kg;
Color: blue, yellow;
Equipment: rope, ring, vertical ladder, horizontal bar, trapeze and a grid for climbing.
ATTENTION! For safer exercising, we recommend that you purchase a special mat!

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