Stool for Master RESTPRO® MS04 Black

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Stool for Master RESTPRO® MS04 Black
Code: MS04
Type Master
Seat Ergonomic
Leg Plastic
Color Black
Guarantee 2 years

RESTPRO® MS04 master’s stool is the perfect solution for your beauty salon or massage room! Now you will feel comfortable during the whole working day, and the customers will certainly notice a smile on your face! This chair is an excellent option for a massage therapist, cosmetologist and other beauty masters.
RESTPRO® MS04 combines compactness and convenience. The chair moves very easily thanks to the wheels, and a special ergonomic shape of its seat will ensure your comfortable position throughout the procedure. Due to its simple design, this chair is a reliable assistant to any master!
Durable vinyl seat upholstery and high-quality soft filler ensure the longevity of this chair, and its height can be easily adjusted. Present the true comfort to yourself and hurry up to purchase the qualitative and stylish master’s stool RESTPRO® MS04!

  • Dynamic Load: 300 lbs /135kg distributed load
  • Net Weight: 9.5lbs /4.3 kg
  • Height range: 20.8"/53cm~28.7"/73cm
  • Seat size: 15"/38cm diameter
  • Padding: 2"/5cm Semi-firm foam system for the seat pad
  • Upholstry: Durable PVC vinyl upholstering.

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