Swedish Wall Indigo D3 (00174)

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Code: 00174

Swedish Wall Indigo D3 (00174)

Mounts To The Wall
Dimension 96х65 cm
Height 230 cm
From Wall 64 cm
Max. load 100 kg
Weight 24 kg

Contemporary life filled with fashionable gadgets and the Internet, leaves very little time for kid’s physical activity. Wooden Swedish Wall, installed at home, will help your kids get distracted from gadgets and have some fun.

Swedish Wall Standard Carousel D3, designed in honey colour, will let your child  manifest strength and dexterity. Climb to the top, pull up on the pull up bar, exercise on the trapeze – these are the things both boys and girls enjoy doing.

Sport Complex is meant for maximum load of 100 kg., so it will endure the simultaneous activity of several children. The construction is ideal for a small flat because it will occupy only 640 mm. of the wall.

The material used for Swedish wall manufacturing is solid pine. Wood softens all hits and bumps a little,  and this makes wooden Swedish ladders safer in use.

Home Sport Gym is a universal means of exercising at any convenient time. Everyday exercises are necessary for kids’ health. A child should be trained to be physically active since childhood. It gives them health and self-assurance.

Swedish ladder is perfect for children, teenagers and their parents. Swedish Wall Carousel D3 is available for buying and for ordering online.


  • Height  - 230 cm.
  • Width of the wall  – 64 cm.
  • Width of the pull up bar – 96 cm.
  • Distance from the pull up bar to the wall – 65 cm.
  • Maximum load – 100 kg.
  • Material – pine / metal.
  • Complete with: pull up bar, trapeze, gymnastic rings.

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