Swing Just Fun "For Babies", length 180 cm, red with yellow

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Swing Just Fun "For Babies", length 180 cm, red with yellow
Code: 2PR02-01B1.36
Type Swings
Size 44x27x24 cm
Height 180 cm
Max weight 40 kg
Weight 1.39 kg
Guarantee 2 years

Great swings for children's playgrounds for the little ones. These Just Fun swings are designed for babies as soon as they start to sit firmly on their own. They are equipped with an extended and stable back, safety side and 2-point safety buckles, which protect the little one from the possibility of falling out of the swing. The side swing is made of durable plastic that will withstand the changing weather conditions. The baby swing with back and side also comes with a durable and adjustable rope, which also includes galvanized metal fasteners, with a length adjustment range up to 180 cm. The comfortable seat of the swing is 27 cm long, 24 cm wide, but the height of the back of the swing is 44 cm and the height of the side is 27 cm. Just Fun swings for babies are great for fun and interesting moments on the playground, even for the little ones.



 Durable plastic
 Up to 180 cm
Seating parameters
 44x27x24 cm
 Red with yellow
Seat belts
 2 points
 1.39 kg
Permissible age 6
36 months

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