Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar DY-DR-1060

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Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar DY-DR-1060
Code: DY-DR-1060
Type Pull up bar
Max weight 135 kg
Size 100x47 cm
Guarantee 2 years
Pull-up bar is a fitness equipment we all know from childhood. It allows you to strengthen the muscles of the arms and back effectively, without leaving home! If you often feel tired and depressed, and your life has lost its colours, perhaps, it's high time to think about sports?

This pull-up bar is securely attached to the wall – it is made of durable metal and capable of supporting loads up to 135 kg! The bar is easy to assemble and install, and most importantly, it does not take up much space in your apartment unlike other training devices! Perform the exercises as soon as you have a free minute, and the result will not keep you waiting!

Having installed this home pull-up bar, you will not only strengthen your body, but also work on your endurance. Moreover, perhaps your children will follow the lead, too? It's no secret that regular physical exercises will strengthen their health and immunity – make them love sports from a young age! Buy this wall mounted pull-up bar at a very attractive price and be in good shape every single day!

Dimensions: 100 x 47 cm;
Maximal user weight: 135 kg.

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