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Abdominal Trainer Fitness Machine, black

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Abdominal Trainer Fitness Machine, black
Код: 00008558
Размер 68x60 см
Высота 61 см
Гарантия 2 года
The abdominal cradle is a device for training the abdominal muscles. It mimics a traditional exercise that not everyone can afford because of the sore throat. With traditional abdominal muscles, we often pull too much on the head and cause stress in the neck area - this can lead to permanent damage to the vertebrae. The cradle eliminates the problem of improper movement, it relieves the spine and allows you to isolate the abs muscles - abdominal muscles.
Thanks to its construction, the cradle works exactly with our body. In abdominal tension, the lower part of the abdomen rises together with the upper part of the back. It is important that during the exercise the lower body remains immobile and does not change its place.