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Детская деревянная двухсторонняя доска Kruzzel 32x41x67 см

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Детская деревянная двухсторонняя доска Kruzzel 32x41x67 см
Код: 00009449

A sensational set for every small child. The educational blackboard is a guarantee of great fun, regardless of gender. Multifunctional educational board stimulates the imagination and creativity, and also exercises manual skills at the youngest. Board not only entertains, but also teaches patience, develops concentration and exercises memory, teaches the first letters and numbers. It is a great gift idea for every toddler!

The frame of the multifunctional educational board is made entirely of wood - everything is perfectly polished and safe for the youngest. The array has classic abacus with beads, with which the child will begin their adventure with counting. Then he can learn basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The baby will also have to deal with a clock on which he will be able to freely set the time with the help of hands; learns to recognize the time.

The black side of the board is for chalk painting . All such chalk drawings can be easily erased after the game is over with the sponge included in the set. The white side of the board is for painting with a dry-erase marker (which can also be erased with a sponge at the end of the game).

The marker pen with the sponge included in the set has a magnet, thanks to which they stick to the board perfectly.


  • construction material: wood
  • dimensions: 32x41x67 cm
  • set weight: 1.2 kg
  • weight with packaging: 1.5 kg


  • two-sided board
  • marker pen with a magnet
  • sponge with a magnet
  • 5 chalk

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2 месяца назад
Прекрасный магазин, качество соответствует заявленному.Великолепный персонал, молодой человек помог всё погрузить в машину,всё рассказал. Массажный стол 👍. Спасибо, всем здоровья🙏, стабильности и хороших клиентов.☀️
2 месяца назад
Большой выбор по оплате, адекватные цены на туалеты и всю химию, и что самое главное, быстрая доставка🥰
месяц назад
Отлично. Всё соответствует описанию. Заказал вечером в воскресенье, доставили во вторник утром.
2 месяца назад
Очень классный магазин все быстро и оперативно отправляют сотрудники отзывчивые и быстро помогают решить все проблемы с товаром. Рекомендую
5 months ago
I ordered cosmetologic chair/table from this company to Lithuania. Read the reviews and choose to buy from Morex than from my own country selling companies. I was suprised by the fast shipping! They shipped it very fast, pretty got it the other day. The problem was with the DPD couriers who somehow managed to lost the huge package for a few days and damage it. But after some calls and searching the package was found. The chair itself is in good quality, inside of the package wasn't damaged, so I am happy. Your customer service is amazing, got replies in email very fast! Thank you so much! Will be definitely ordering more.