Sports complex Pioner-108 blue-yellow

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Sports complex Pioner-108 blue-yellow

Mounts To The Wall
Dimension 102х77 сm
Height 218 сm
From Wall 13 сm
Max. load 100 kg

For an apartment with a small area, it is difficult to find a functional sports complex. Choosing a children's sports complex Pioner-108 will save space in your home and allow your child to fully exercise in a room with any area.

The children's wall bars Pioner-108 is only 1.02m long and 77cm wide. The list of equipment for a complex with such small dimensions is quite impressive:

  • climbing net,
  • rope,
  • two gymnastic rings,
  • horizontal bar,
  • horizontal crossbars.

The Swedish wall is made of high quality metal with anti-corrosion coating (powder). Fixation to the wall is done in several places, which provides increased security.

The compactness of the children's sports complex allows you to place it even on the balcony, and it will withstand your active child and several of his/her friends. In addition to the Swedish wall Pioner-108, you can purchase extra equipment offered by the manufacturer.

The Swedish wall will inspire to keep fit not only children, but also adult family members, provided that their weight does not exceed 100 kilograms.

At any time of the year, in any weather, it is easy to do sports inside and carry out a diverse set of exercises aimed at the physical development of the child and relieving the spine load. If you teach your child to exercise since childhood, he or she will get used to keeping fit and his health will only improve over the years.

There are several ways of purchasing Pioner-C108 children's sports complex - you can visit our store in Riga, or place an order on the website.

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