Velokart (Velomobile) Go-Kart F618 Yellow (4-10 years)

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Velokart (Velomobile) Go-Kart F618 Yellow (4-10 years)
Code: F618-YELLOW
Age 4-10
Wheels Air
Size 113x62 cm
Max.weight 50 kg
Colour Yellow
Guarantee 2 years
Velokart Go-Kart F618
Does your child spend a lot of time in front of the computer or tablet screen? Do you find it difficult to encourage him or her to spend more time outdoors? We offer you a modern and simple solution to this problem – the trips on Go-Kart F618 will become your kid’s favourite pastime! From now on you won’t have to come up with various ideas of how to make your child be more active!
Go-cart is a really special means of transport – when driving it, your child will not only combine the pleasant with the useful, but also spend his/her time safely. This velomobile is environmentally friendly, stable unlike a bicycle and allows the child to fully develop his growing body and strengthen muscles, as well as gain new skills in driving a vehicle. This will have a positive impact on your child's health and overall well-being, as well as on his or her attentiveness and reaction speed.
The go-cart has classic rubber tube inflatable wheels. Children will feel comfortable when driving both on land and on asphalt. These wheels are not as durable as EVA tires – similar to a standard bike, punctures or pressure loss in tires are possible.
In comparison with the electric cars, no charging of this vehicle is required. This means that you do not need to pay more because the price of the go-cart is very attractive, and its repair and maintenance generally require much less time and money. There is another great advantage - Go-Kart F618 is suitable for kids of different ages! As your child grows up, you can customize the cart: the vehicle's seat can be pushed forward/back, so your child can drive the go-cart for a long time. Get this bright, attractive and practical velomobile and make an unforgettable surprise for your precious kid!
Only for domestic use​.

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