Weighted Vest with 15kg Crossfit

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Weighted Vest with 15kg Crossfit
Code: 00006000
Size 57x41 cm
Weight 15 kg
Colour black
Guarantee 2 years

The vest with a 15 kg load was made in black and equipped with Velcro, which allows individual adaptation to each body posture. This is especially important during complex exercises. The material is resistant to tearing, moisture, and additionally does not absorb odors . It is also used in the production of tourist backpacks, whose task is often to carry a large number of kilograms through thousands of kilometers.

The vest is designed to increase resistance and load during training with your own body weight. It will allow you to improve your condition, performance and achieve better results in a short time. The use of a vest during training improves dynamics and increases strength - these are two key issues for constant development. Perfect for both amateurs and professional users who care about constant progress.

Training with a vest also allows you to overcome training stagnation and improve performance. Vests are also very often used by people who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. It is worth remembering that during an ordinary walk with a weight vest, we will burn more calories than walking without a load.


  • black colour
  • filling: sand
  • vest material: polyester
  • dimensions (length / width): 57 / 41cm
  • weight: 15kg

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