Swedish wall for children Pioner-C104, white-grey

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Swedish wall for children Pioner-C104, white-grey

Mounts To The Wall
Dimension 142x73 cm
Height 218 сm
From Wall 13 сm
Max. load 100 kg

Children's Swedish wall is a universal training equipment, thanks to which a child improves his or her physical endurance, and the irrepressible children's energy can finally find a way out.

Pioner children's sports complex has a carefully thought-out design and a variety of sports equipment.

The optimal size of the assembled complex makes it convenient for use at home, in kindergartens, schools, and medical physical therapy rooms.

The white-grey children's sports complex Pioner-C104 is suitable for children from three years to teenagers. The maximum 100 kg load will withstand several children at the same time.

The Swedish wall is attached to the wall with an emphasis on the floor, which guarantees extra stability. The powder coating of its metal components is non-toxic to humans and protects the structure from corrosion.

If you purchase children's sports complex Pioner-C104, you will get the following equipment:

  • climbing net kit,
  • gymnastic rings,
  • trapeze,
  • rope,
  • horizontal bar,
  • monkey ladder.

The net can be mounted both on the right and on the left side of the wall.

When the weather is bad and it is impossible to do sports outside, the children's sports complex will be an excellent tool for strengthening muscles and developing coordination of movements. A child who is accustomed to systematic exercising on the Swedish wall has a stronger immune system and is better developed physically.

You can find out the terms of the Pioner-C104 Swedish wall purchase and delivery any time by consulting our managers.

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