Two-seat inflatable kayak Aqua Marina Tomahawk 440x78 cm (AIR-K-440)

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Code: AIR-K-440

Two-seat inflatable kayak Aqua Marina Tomahawk 440x78 cm (AIR-K-440)

Type Simple single layer PVC
Number of places 2
Length 440 cm
Width 78 cm
Load capacity 210 kg
Weight 20.3 kg
Floring Hard

A two-seat inflatable kayak Aqua Marina Tomahawk 14'5" (440 cm) AIR-K-440 2020 is perfect for medium and long distance trips. 

This kayak is a real treasure for adventure seekers. The all-new TOMAHAWK AIR-K is completely made with Drop Stitch technology for stunning appearance and incredible quality. Combining efficiency, speed, comfort and stability, the TOMAHAWK AIR-K offers everything you need for the perfect journey. 

Drop Stitch material is made up of two layers of PVC bonded with thousands of polyester strands. When the kayak is inflated to high pressure, the polyester strands stretch and create volume and a very rigid structure that prevents the kayak from deforming. A kayak with Drop Stitch technology has many advantages - this technology combines the positive qualities of both inflatable and frame boats, such as mobility, strength and ease of movement. 

The kayak is designed for 2 passengers and can carry a load of up to 210 kg. 
This model is unique - it is the first inflatable kayak made in the form of a classic canoe. The Tomahawk is stylish, powerful and stable. It is able to overcome the most difficult route stages. You can use it for fishing and rafting along the rapids. 

The set includes: Dual Action Hand Pump, Carry Bag, 2 Kayak Paddles, 2 Adjustable High Back Seats and 2 Removable Kayak Fins. 

  • Drop Stitch floor and side chambers 
  • Stiffer and faster than any other inflatable kayak 
  • 3 separate airbags for additional safety during long-distance adventures 
  • The kayak has a V-shaped streamlined shape from bow to stern, which minimizes water resistance when moving and gives stability 
  • Adjustable leg-rest design for comfortable travel 
  • Premium adjustable kayak seat with high backrest, soft cushion and multiple storage pockets 
  • Splash guards on both bow and stern 
  • High performance fin system and additional inflatable keel for excellent directional stability 

  • Manufacturer: Aqua Marina 
  • Model: Air-K 440 
  • Material: PVC 
  • Dimensions: 440 x 78 cm 
  • Load capacity: 210 kg 
  • Capacity: 2 people 
  • Weight: 20.3 kg

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