Velokart (Velomobile) Go-Kart A-15 Red (3-8 years)

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Velokart (Velomobile) Go-Kart A-15 Red (3-8 years)
Code: A-15-RED
Age 3-8
Wheels Air
Size 101x61 cm
Max.weight 30 kg
Colour Red
Guarantee 2 years
Velomobile Go-Kart A-15

How to choose the best children's transport? This issue often worries young parents who want to please their child with a new means of transportation. Velocart is a modern vehicle for kids, which is a safe alternative to bicycles. It is much easier to control; however, thanks to the pedals, your child also gets some physical exercise, developing knee joints and the musculoskeletal system.

What is so special about this velomobile? Go-carts fully minimize the main risk that appears when traveling on any vehicle - getting injured, because it is very stable, so the child cannot fall from it, unlike a bicycle or a scooter. That is why go-carts are perfect even for 3-year-old babies! The reliable metal frame of this transport guarantees its stability. Your child will enjoy this bright vehicle from the very first trip - now it will be difficult for you to persuade your kid to go home after a walk!

The peculiarity of Go-Kart A-15 is the minimum number of plastic parts, which is ideal for kids who do not feel the dimensions of the vehicle. Thus, the risk of damaging this means of transport is significantly reduced. Another good news - the position of the seat can be easily adjusted depending on the kid’s height. This means that you will not have to buy something new for a child in a few months, when he or she grows up - the velomobile will serve your child for many years!

The go-cart has classic rubber tube inflatable wheels. Children will feel comfortable when driving both on land and on asphalt. These wheels are not as durable as EVA tires – similar to a standard bike, punctures or pressure loss in tires are possible.

Select the color of the go-cart that your little one likes most, and click the button "Add to cart". Order today this modern, eco-friendly transport that does not require any battery charge - your child will be sincerely grateful to you and will become a wonderful young driver!


Only for domestic use​.

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