AGM Wolf-7 Pro Bi-Ocular Night Vision Goggle Kit Gen2 White Phosphor

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AGM Wolf-7 Pro Bi-Ocular Night Vision Goggle Kit Gen2 White Phosphor
Kods: B-121051
The AGM Wolf-7 Pro is a commercial grade night vision bi-ocular which features a Generation-2 image intensifier tube in White Phosphor. The device is dual-eye compatible and comes standard with a headset (Goggle Kit) and helmet adapter for hands-free use. This also makes it comfortable for extended use. The night viewer has an optical 1x magnification and a wide field of view of 40 degrees. This makes it a suitable tool in situations when the human eye can barely perceive anything anymore. The Wolf-7 is a low-cost counterpart to the high-end PVS-7 series.
This night vision goggles is equipped with a White Phosphor Generation 2 image intensifier tube (IIT). This ensures that the residual or ambient light present is amplified thousands of times. This allows you to work for a long time without IR light because it can convert even a minimal amount of residual light to visual image. After all, an IR torch would immediately betray your position to other people with a night vision viewer. If you are in a dark room without any kind of residual light, however, you can simply use the built-in infrared illuminator. You can adjust it in terms of power and size of the infrared beam.
The device is compact, lightweight, robust and, of course, waterproof. Using two AA batteries, you can use the device for up to 40 hours. Using the included Goggle Kit (or headset),you can use the goggles hands-free. You can also attach the device to a helmet.

Application AGM Wolf-7 Pro White Phosphor (NW1)

The Wolf-7 Pro from American AGM Global Vision is a convenient, budget-friendly accessory for the enthusiast or semi-professional. The night vision bi-ocular can be used for many applications. E.g. general nature observations, survival, safari, airsoft, hunting, astronomy. But it is also a useful tool for security and rescue operations. A bi-ocular has the advantage over a monocular that it has two eyepieces. This allows you to use it for long periods of time consecutively because you do not have to continuously squeeze one eye shut.
This night vision optics is equipped with an image intensifier tube, so you cannot use the device during the day. The device will automatically turn off when too much light is present.

Technical data

• Fully multi-coated objective lens
• Equipped with standby mode and bright light cut-off
• Operating time of up to 40 hours with two AA batteries (measured with IR turned off)
• Three LED indicators in FOV: IR, battery status and excess light
• Adjustable diopter: -4 to +5
• AGM Global Vision article: 12W7P122154211 (NW1)
Want to know more about night vision, or not sure what would be the perfect night vision viewer for your application? Then feel free to contact us.

1x AGM Wolf-14 Night Vision Viewer White Phosphor (Image Intensifier Tube Gen 2);1x Goggle Kit (headset);1x Helmet adapter (NVG mount);1x Lens cloth;1x Manual;1x Carrying bag;1x Full-color packaging

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