Jogas pilates vingrošanas sporta paklājiņš 181х61,5х1 cm, melns

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Jogas pilates vingrošanas sporta paklājiņš 181х61,5х1 cm, melns
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Izmērs 181х61,5х1 cm
Svars 0.800 kg
Krāsa melns
Garantija 2 gadi

The foam fitness mat has anti-slip properties on both sides . You can safely exercise on it in various positions, without the risk of slipping and injury. The exercise mat is made of soft and flexible NBR foam - i.e. synthetic rubber up to 1 cm thick, during use our body is not subjected to the discomfort of using a thin mat. Such a thickness of yoga mat makes exercises on it extremely comfortable - also in positions where body weight is transferred to one point. Also, the dimensions of the mat allow you to conveniently perform virtually all types of gym training. On the exercise mat, you can practice both lying down and in kneeling positions. You can also stably rest, e.g. on your elbows - the yoga mat does not deform permanently under pressure .

Versatility is another advantage that this extremely original mat has. It can be successfully used not only for exercise, but also in tourism . Perfect as a mattress for hiking trips or an alternative to a picnic blanket in the meadow. The fitness mat is light - it weighs about 850g , so you can take it anywhere. The exercise mat is also extremely tear-resistant , so you can use it without worrying about rapid destruction and wear.

  • THICK, WATERPROOF MATERIAL - the mat was made of waterproof NBR cushioning foam, during exercise our body can do exercises without any discomfort. The mat is thick - up to 1 cm, thicker mat gives greater comfort to our body and joints, allows painless and pleasant exercises. Isolates from cold ground and does not deform.
  • ANTI - SLIP - the mat has excellent grip, does not slip during exercise, which significantly affects the safety of use. It does not stretch, which is important during yoga exercises. It is flexible, thanks to which it has low shape memory, thanks to which the foam quickly returns to its original shape.
  • CARRYING HANDLE - the set includes elastic straps, which after folding can be put on a mat and a handle - a carrying handle, which greatly facilitates transport. We can easily take her to the gym, in the open air or any other place.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION - the mat can be used when exercising at home, in the gym or as an alternative to a mattress on a trip.
  • SPECIFICATION - color: black; material: NBR foam; dimensions (length / width / height): 181 / 61.5 / 1cm; weight: 850g


  • black colour
  • Material: NBR foam
  • dimensions (length / width / height): 181 / 61.5 / 1cm
  • weight: 850g

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pirms 2 nedēļām
Pasutijums atnaca ļoti atri,protams iepakots bija jocigi,bet nu tas neietekmeja uz preci,berns apmierinats un es ari.Paldies
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Labas cenas, ātrs kondicioniera uzstādīšanas termiņš, viss ritēja kā solīts un patiesi nepajautāja ne centu vairāk darba beigās! Liels paldies! Ieteikšu jūsu veikalu draugiem un paziņām! 👍
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Pirmo reizi izmantoju un biju patīkami pārsteigts. Liels paldies!
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Ļoti ātra piegāde, esmu ļoti apmierināta ar preci!
pirms 2 nedēļām
2 months ago
Ordered on 22/11, received on 23/11 and delivery was free as well. Very smooth checkout process w/ multiple payment options, including banklink; unlike a lot of other ones that just send you an invoice after 2 days. Hands down the best online shopping experience I've had here in Latvia.
2 months ago